A Wallow is a person’s inner conscience, often portrayed only in dreams and hallucinations. Humans have a very weak connection with their Wallow, as it can almost seem like an entirely different person or being from themselves. Witches, however, have a deep understanding of their own Wallows that expands beyond average human instinct, distinguishing them from average humans. These magic-users realize and understand that their Wallow is not just a place, it is an entirely different dimension that can be freely crossed into and out of.

A Wallow represents a being’s deepest conscience and, not who they see themselves as, but who they really are. Their current emotional, physical, and mental health are personified as an actual world in itself. These worlds can become corrupted and, when overwhelmed with this corruption, the Wallow’s owner can break and become insane. As they lose their grip on reality, their Wallow does as well and begins to open a rift from the Dream Dimension to the Living Plane to infect others with their misery and spread Wynalis to fellow witches.